Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Pictures in our home have always been important so in my home and my kids homes cameras are always around.  This week Cole asked if he could take pictures.  Not thinking much of it I said sure.  Well his dad said they never designed a camera for a left handed person.  But this little guys was motivated to get the job done.  
 These look like great pictures for a 5 year old learning to use a camera.  But the more amazing thing is Cole can't use his right hand.  As alot of you already know Cole had a stroke before he was born and it took the fine motor skills, so at this point in time he has no use of his right hand.   Here are some of the pictures he took and he even managed to get a picture of himself.  

This is a picture of his brother Ethan which I don't think I could have done any better.  Thinking about it looking at this picture he had to do this all with one hand.
Way to go Cole.  You make us so proud.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Sorry it's been awhile but it has been a whirl wind week. Last Tuesday it was out to get Beth off to Farm Chicks. I went out to stay the week with my guys while she made a new venture to Washington to the Farm Chicks show. Lots of of phone calls with updates on what a great time and experience it was for her. Waiting for her to get home tomorrow with lots more stories and adventure updates.
Then I also helped Julie get ready for her big show Sand Castle Sirens. We got class kits packed, her beautiful art package for the show to sell and other little things that I could do to help get ready to leave for her adventure. Heard from her today that it was a exciting time and she met lots of wonderful women. Once again can't wait to get all the details. I have to say when I hear there stories I get so excited for them, more than I can put into words. And once again it makes me remember how lucky I am to have these talented women in my life.
Then as you can see I even found time to take my guys with their cousins to Chucky Cheese. My sister Fran and I spent the Saturday there with the 4 grandkids. (We aren't sure who had more fun, us or the kids!). Our little Kaylee experienced Cotton Candy and wasn't quite sure how to eat so she went in head first. She always comes up with a solution and I believe her way is the best way. No sticky hands, and can get alot more in your mouth that way.
This next few days will be helping Beth get moved to her new home. I'm excited to having them living closer where I can be more support for her and her business and have more time with my little guys. I will keep you updated and once again will try not to be so long on posting.
Have a great week.