Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm very excited to be going to Danita's first workshop at the Crescendoh's Launch Party week end. Beth and I will be doing Glitterfest that week end so it gave us the opportunity to attend the party on Friday night and continue with the fun by taking Danita's class on Saturday evening. We will be making a quilt square. I'm very excited to be apart of this event. Another opportunity to meet some fantastic people and artist.
I will be doing Julie's booth at Glitterfest and Julie will be teaching at Art and Soul. So it for sure will be a fun filled week end for all of us.
I will also be visiting Jay that week end and he will be also going with us to the Launch Party. I think it will be a great experience for him to meet more people in the art field. As I have said earlier he is getting back into his creativity which makes me very excited.
On another note for those of you who don't know I'm getting my first granddaughter in Aug. Ryan and Karlee found out a few weeks ago that they are having a girl. We all are very excited for the new addition to our family.
Well it's been a long day and I'm going to call it a night. Will keep you posted on all the events coming up.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Fest 2010

Well I'm at Sky Harbor Airport ready to start a new adventure in my life. I'm fortunate to be Julie's assistant at Art Fest this year. This is Julie's first year of teaching so it's going to be really exciting. We do also have time to take a class while we are there and we are taking Nina Bagley class. I'm so excited.
The other exciting piece is Lorrie (Julie's sister, my other niece) is going to join us. She is taking classes while Julie is teaching. This is going to be like when we were kids again...It is going to be the best time.
Also today is Julie's Birthday. If you have time stop by her blog or visit her on facebook and wish her a Happy Birthday.
Well plane is ready to board. Will tell you all about the adventure soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010


What a great trip to my son's this week end. Barb and me went over to visit him for the week end in LA. We were lucky enough to have it be the week end of the Rose Bowl Flea Market. As you can see we found some great treasures. I will have to say it was very OVER WHELMING also. We didn't even to begin to touch the surface of the place. Jay bought lots of steam punk items to create a piece of art, which was exciting for me cause he hasn't worked on his art for along time. I found the wonderful tool box in the back of the picture. No plans for it, just a fun find.
The day before we went to The Grove and the farmers market there. I don't think there wasn't a food you couldn't find there.
After the day at the flea market the real reason for the trip began. Jay needed a colonoscopy so his prep had to begin. We had a great time teasing him his Valentines days being spent with the great prep for the test.
Barb and I were lucky though, Jay's room mate Wayne took us out for Valentines Day....He took us to the PINK TACO.....It was wonderful. We had the best lobster enchilada's . And we topped it out with the best fried ice cream I had ever had in my life. Trust me I have tried lots of fried ice cream. Wayne was so sweet to be our Valentine. Jay is very lucky to have such a great friend and room mate.
The test today came with good news. He had a polyp but didn't look like the bad type. They took a bx for colitis. We should have the results in about a week.
Can hardly wait to go back for a visit and to go back to the wonder flea market.
Have a great week...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is so fun to have a great studio space. I've been working on my son's 30th birthday present and looked up and saw this mess. Then I wondered am I the only one who makes a mess like this? It just seems to get away from you when your not looking. LOL.....But it's nice to have a play area that you can mess up just like when you were a kid...Will post some pictures when I have the present done.
By the way my sister Fran is doing great. Getting stronger every day. We went to dinner tonight and she even felt like eating something. It was great to see....
Well suppose I should get to bed. Long work day tomorrow and then back to my play room....

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sorry no pictures but I wanted to give you and update on my sister Fran. Everything went well with the surgery. She came through wonderfully. We expect her to come home tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I will give you and update when she is home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tomorrow Cole will be six. Boy has the time flown. It seems like he was just born yesterday. We are having his party on Saturday. When asked what he wanted for his birthday he said 4 lbs of money. He sure keeps the joy in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLEMAN!!!!!!

Sunday we went to Disney on Ice. As you can see we were having a great time. What fun would it be with out the goodies that goes with it. We had cotton candy, snow cones, and popcorn. The kids loved the skating and seeing the Disney Characters. I do believe the adults had as much fun as the kids if not more.
It also was a great day for my sister Fran (Julie and Lorrie's mom) to spend time with the kids as she is going in for surgery Friday for kidney cancer. She has renal cell cancer that normally is a very slow growing cancer and the tumor is very small. But this wicked tiny tumor decided to settle near the collecting system which if it grew could cause the cancer to spread through the blood stream. Thankful that I work for the doctors who will be doing her surgery so I know she is in good hands. I will give you an update this week end. Please keep her in your prayers.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Where has the time gone...It has been forever since my last post. The holidays have come and gone. Each year they seem to fly faster and faster. I can't believe we are almost 1/2 through January already and my middle child will be 30. Where have those years gone????
Next week my oldest sister Fran will be having surgery for Kidney Cancer. Normally it is a tumor that they would watch because it is so slow growing, but this is growing into the collecting system so the decision is to remove the whole kidney. The out look is really good and her other kidney is in good health. But always a little scary when someone is having surgery.
Over the holidays one of my Christmas presents was the news that I'm going to be a grandma again in August. My youngest Ryan and his wife Karlee are expecting their first. It will be a very exciting year for them. They will move into their new house next week and the baby in August.
Julie is back working on my home to get it ready for workshops. She is working this with my nickle budget and is doing an amazing job. Hope to post pictures very soon...
This week end going to Disney on Ice with the grandkids. I haven't been forever and think will be a great time for the boys. Hope to get some great pictures and will tell you all about it.
Hope everyone has a great week and will not wait so long to post again.