Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boy has it been awhile since I last blogged and I was feeling really bad until I got lost in blog world last week and came upon Carol Wingert's blog. As I was reading and catching up she had put in her blog that a quiet blog isn't always that nothing is happening but alot is happening. I thought how true is that....So much has happen since I last blogged.

As you all know I went with Beth to Sweden as she made that fantasic connection. It was a wonderful and exciting trip. I'm so very proud and excited for her. She is one talented Woman!!! The trip was fast but fun and gave us some mother and daughter binding time that was long over due!!!!

Then Julie Haymaker Thompson had moved to the valley and that has been another exciting time in our family...It is great to have her here. And make it easier for us to work together. Remember she is teaching at Artistic Affair in September, and I will be helping with her class. We both are very excited to do this. I get a great high on life from helping both these women in my life.

I also was very happy to meet alot of you at Art Unraveled at the beginning of August. I knew blogs and names but no faces. It was great to be able to put blogs with the actually face. I had a great time that day and was very honored to help Julie.

Then of course I have spent lots of time with the men in my life along with there cousins. There have been birthdays, movies, swimming and much more. It has been a busy summer and of course I have wanted to be there for everything. What a blessed woman I am.

My son Ryan has been fortunate to get a permant job in is field which that also has been a blessing in this economy. He has been fortunate to have been given several job offers and they came looking for him. Way to go Ryan.

My son-n-law Chad is still recovering from his back surgery and we hope he will be back to work here in the next few weeks.

Well that is it in a nut shell. That is where I have been for the last couple months and I promise it won't be this long again.