Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well another successful year with the kids for Halloween.  As you can tell some of the houses were saved.  Thanks to sister Barb.  Okay she's not the Biggest Loser, I get the title by myself.   LOL.  We did decorated a house per family and they were just as happy as if they would have had one of their own.  We then did pumpkins which were very fun.  Each year you just see how they all grow with their talents.  It's such a joy to watch.
Of course we had tag, hide and seek and good food.  All the fun things to keep you young.  These days make life worth living.  

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Every year my sisters and I have a Halloween Party for our grandkids and we decorate pumpkins and make crafts. Well this year we decided they would do Haunted Houses. I said to Barb lets put them together Tuesday night when we watch Biggest Loser so they are ready to go. (AS YOU CAN SEE BY THE PICTURES WHO THE BIGGEST LOSERS ARE! LOL) Well she said they are already put together, they just need to be decorated. Well at 5 tonight she called me panic and said they aren't put together. Well I ran over to help her put the them together so they were ready for the the decorations tomorrow. Well 3 hours and 3 pounds of frosting later this is the finished project. Trust me we will keep our day jobs and go back to decorating PUMPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will post pictures of the party later this week....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Worth the Pain

I'm so excited the studio is done. I just have to say is was worth the pain of remodeling.
I want you to know that on Saturday "Clean Sweep" came to my house. It really was Julie and Beth. They just move stuff to the back of my car like a tornado. I think I took 10 trips to Goodwill between Saturday and Sunday. But it is beautiful and worth it.
I want to thank everyone who helped. It truly was a family effort. My sister Barb helped paint, my sister Fran cleaned cupboards and Beth helped lots with putting Humpty back together again. Cal did lots of the "Man Things". Hanging lights and fixing things I just let go.....And then Julie worked all this magic. It is so unbelievable. Beyond Beautiful to say the least.
Will keep you posted as I finish filling with all my supplies this week end. Julie has given my a homework. Beth told her that's what they do on HG TV. Thanks Beth!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Don't you love it when a plan comes together??? Julie was going to help me make a studio in my spare bedroom, when on the way home from Artistic Affair she said "How about your dinning area and make your setting area you dinning area?" My response was "Does your head every explode fromt the ideas?" LOL. Next morning I get an email from Beth with the same idea. NO they hadn't even talkes. So this is how this all evolved. This week end we are putting Humpty back together again. LOL
Will keep you updated as it keeps coming together!!!!