Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Worth the Pain

I'm so excited the studio is done. I just have to say is was worth the pain of remodeling.
I want you to know that on Saturday "Clean Sweep" came to my house. It really was Julie and Beth. They just move stuff to the back of my car like a tornado. I think I took 10 trips to Goodwill between Saturday and Sunday. But it is beautiful and worth it.
I want to thank everyone who helped. It truly was a family effort. My sister Barb helped paint, my sister Fran cleaned cupboards and Beth helped lots with putting Humpty back together again. Cal did lots of the "Man Things". Hanging lights and fixing things I just let go.....And then Julie worked all this magic. It is so unbelievable. Beyond Beautiful to say the least.
Will keep you posted as I finish filling with all my supplies this week end. Julie has given my a homework. Beth told her that's what they do on HG TV. Thanks Beth!!!!!


  1. LOL!! it looks awesome !!! so happy for you !! xoxo

  2. This looks more than worth the pain. It must feel as if you are in a new house. How wonderful. I love the chairs in front of the fireplace-did you recover those?

  3. No the chairs are from Ikea and I just bought new chair covers. Great concept from them. They use to to be the pink floral.