Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I know for most of you have already gotten your copy of Marie, but I just finally got mine. I am even more excited because the glove your are looking at is designed by my oh so talented daughter Beth Quinn. If you haven't guessed I'm her biggest fan. She also designs beautiful jewelry. She would love you to stop by her website and check it out http://www.bethquinndesigns.com.
Will be talking to you soon until then have a great week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today is my 56th birthday and it was grand from all the warm wishes from family and friends to spending the evening with my daughter and her sons, and my son and his wife.  They both spoiled me grand, from this wonderful dress form to display my beading and a ticket to the musical Wicked.  They really out did themselves and I was very surprised.
I think alot of being 56 because that is the age my father was when he left us.  I remember being 18 at the time and think my dad was old, now i know how young he really was and how much more life he had to live.  I hope and pray from here forward I get to do some living for him.  The next years are for your dad.
Everyone have a great rest of the week and take care.

Monday, April 20, 2009


This last week end i got to spend the week end with two of my favorite people.  They are my nieces Julie Haymaker Thompson and Lorrie Haymaker. We haven't done it in years but growing up we spent lots of time together.  We were raised more like sister seeing I'm only 2 years older than Lorrie.  They both are so talented and fun to be with.  
The picture is the necklace I made as we were just hanging out creating.  Mine very simple but watch both there etsy sites for some great creations.  Lorries is Lilylovekin and Julie's is Heytommy on etsy.  
I thank my lucky stars everyday to have these two great women in my life and can't wait till the next fun week end when we can BE KIDS AGAIN.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feel really fortunate this holiday to have my family with me to celebrate the holiday.  My sisters and myself had a fun filled Saturday with coloring Easter eggs with our grandkids.  they range from age 14 months to 7 years old.  It takes all hands on board.
Then Sunday we got together for dinner.   It was my year to have my kids at my house.  It was my daughter Beth and her family and Ryan who's wife had to work today :(.  My son Jay is working so he had to stay in California and spend it with friends over there.  Then it was my two sisters Fran and Barb.  Fran's granddaughter and kids also joined us.  
The kids had a Easter Egg hunt and played lots of time outside.  It was just a great time.
Tonight I'm thanking God for giving me this wonderful family.  He knows the best what children and family means.  
I hope all of you had just a blessed holiday to.  Talk to you soon

Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is my sister's birthday.  As I said earlier April is a very busy month with celebrations.  The hard part of this celebration is that my sister lives in Michigan and wasn't here to celebrate her birthday with us.  She does though have 3 great kids and 5 wonderful grandchildren to take care of that.
I made her this garden bracelet and earrings to let her know that she is thought of.  I hope she likes it!!!!
Now I'm on to a busy week end with the Easter celebration ahead.   Lots of activities ahead  with all the grandchildren.  We will do egg coloring tomorrow and then an egg hunt on Sunday.   It will be great fun cause you get to be a child yourself again.  Grandkids really do keep you young!!!!!!!!!!  I wouldn't miss any of this for one moment.  It is what makes the world go round.
Everyone have a Happy Easter and will talk to you soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was my sister's great granddaughters birthday.  She turned 3 today.  We took the kids to Jump and Shout  and Taco Bell for lunch.  (They all love Taco Bell.)  She was so excited for her birthday and she loved every minute of it.
It would have also been my mothers 94th birthday today.  What a great to celebrate and remember mom on her day than through the celebration of little children.  Kaylee would have been mom's 6th great great grandchild.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
As you can tell I had a very busy week end celebrating all the April Birthdays.  Oh and by the way it would have been Kaylee's greatgrandmother and fathers wedding aniversary.  April is a very busy month for celebrations for this family and it has just begun with more to go.
Everyone have a great week and keep in touch.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last Saturday I decided I wanted to find a new bead shop in my area.  So I googled Bead Shops Mesa Az.  It had a web site that they sold from and it looked easy enough to find.  So out on the adventure my sister Barb and I went.  Seemed simple enough  the streets were Highley and Baseline.  Well two hours and several phone calls later we found the bead shop.  It is tucked back on a side street in office buildings.  LOL
When we got out of the car Barb wasn't sure where I was taking her.  But we both found wonderful treasures and everything is always 40% off.  Great find.  Would recommend this store to fellow beaders, but map quest first.  LOL.