Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feel really fortunate this holiday to have my family with me to celebrate the holiday.  My sisters and myself had a fun filled Saturday with coloring Easter eggs with our grandkids.  they range from age 14 months to 7 years old.  It takes all hands on board.
Then Sunday we got together for dinner.   It was my year to have my kids at my house.  It was my daughter Beth and her family and Ryan who's wife had to work today :(.  My son Jay is working so he had to stay in California and spend it with friends over there.  Then it was my two sisters Fran and Barb.  Fran's granddaughter and kids also joined us.  
The kids had a Easter Egg hunt and played lots of time outside.  It was just a great time.
Tonight I'm thanking God for giving me this wonderful family.  He knows the best what children and family means.  
I hope all of you had just a blessed holiday to.  Talk to you soon

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  1. My goodness Cole has really grown but they are all such cuties and I heard dinner was wonderful soo Grandma like!!!