Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was my sister's great granddaughters birthday.  She turned 3 today.  We took the kids to Jump and Shout  and Taco Bell for lunch.  (They all love Taco Bell.)  She was so excited for her birthday and she loved every minute of it.
It would have also been my mothers 94th birthday today.  What a great to celebrate and remember mom on her day than through the celebration of little children.  Kaylee would have been mom's 6th great great grandchild.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
As you can tell I had a very busy week end celebrating all the April Birthdays.  Oh and by the way it would have been Kaylee's greatgrandmother and fathers wedding aniversary.  April is a very busy month for celebrations for this family and it has just begun with more to go.
Everyone have a great week and keep in touch.


  1. Yes, Happy Birthday Mom. She would of love it because all her grandchildren were very important to her!

  2. What a beautiful child. It looks as if she is having a great time.