Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today is my 56th birthday and it was grand from all the warm wishes from family and friends to spending the evening with my daughter and her sons, and my son and his wife.  They both spoiled me grand, from this wonderful dress form to display my beading and a ticket to the musical Wicked.  They really out did themselves and I was very surprised.
I think alot of being 56 because that is the age my father was when he left us.  I remember being 18 at the time and think my dad was old, now i know how young he really was and how much more life he had to live.  I hope and pray from here forward I get to do some living for him.  The next years are for your dad.
Everyone have a great rest of the week and take care.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Isn't 56 grand! I am the same age and just love this time of my life. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and taking a soldering class from your sweet daughter, Beth. I just love her! You must be so proud of her creative accomplishments. Enjoy your special day and your new dress form and going to the play, Wicked.

  2. What a wonderful gift. I have heard nothing but fantastic things about Wicked. You are so lucky.

  3. Happy Birthday. Your Beth is so cute and talented- I am sure you had a great deal to do with that :) You are going to love Wicked.

  4. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! I came over from Beth's site....I adore her!