Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last Saturday I decided I wanted to find a new bead shop in my area.  So I googled Bead Shops Mesa Az.  It had a web site that they sold from and it looked easy enough to find.  So out on the adventure my sister Barb and I went.  Seemed simple enough  the streets were Highley and Baseline.  Well two hours and several phone calls later we found the bead shop.  It is tucked back on a side street in office buildings.  LOL
When we got out of the car Barb wasn't sure where I was taking her.  But we both found wonderful treasures and everything is always 40% off.  Great find.  Would recommend this store to fellow beaders, but map quest first.  LOL.


  1. Deb your bead find is fun. I always like a new adventure.