Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What a grand day at the Desert Botanical Gardens. They had there annual butterfly exhibit. My sisters and myself got our grandchildren together and took them to see the butterflies. Living in the desert the kids don't have the experiences we took for granted back in the midwest. It was a great day of play!!!!

At the end of the exhibit they have a craft area so the kids can create objects of what they just experience. What a great day of fun for all the kids but especially for the grandmas. What a great day of memories.


  1. What a beautiful group of little ones. What a great way to spend the day with your grandchildren.

  2. How fun! I'm glad you started a blog! Ryan and I both thought it was cute :) We did the same thing when we came home, gave them all extra attention :) You can borrow her for the day if you want!!! Haha! We need to come over and visit soon! I can't wait to have weekends off again so I can actually see family again! Love you!

  3. love it mom !! so glad you are here !!!