Sunday, May 31, 2009


What will Julie make out of me?  I said earlier I would be getting Julie Haymaker Thompson ready for her big event Sand Castle Sirens.  I covered the wooden eggs for her with vintage book paper that will be used in her class and some in kits to sell.  But the big question is what will become of the canvas I have covered for her.  You will have to wait to see what magic she works with the canvas
It has been a fun and exciting week help both Julie and my daughter Beth get ready for their big events.  They are going to be here before you know it.  Once again Julie will be teaching at Sand Castle Sirens and Beth is going to Farm Chicks.  I hope you are lucky enough to attend at least one of the events.  As for me I will be spending some quality time with the two most important men in my life Ethan and Cole and sending great thoughts and prayers to the girls.
Tell next time have a great week.


  1. I hear the little ones had fun yesterday at Micky D's I guess Austin and Kalyee loved "Up" Hugs J

  2. and you know that you mean the world to them !!! i couldn't go without you !!!

  3. It looks like you have been hard at work. I wish you were going with us this weekend, but I guess we will have to share you with Ethan and Cole!

  4. Both Beth and Julie are so blessed to have such a special women in their lives. Good wishes and blessings to both on their exciting adventure.

  5. Deb, what a lucky lady you are to be surrounded by such talented girls. I'm sure a lot of Beth's creativity came from you! Congrats on your son's graduation. And I will be watching all 3 blogs to see how the girls do at their special shows they are in.